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[008] 12/18/2020 8:10 PM

[feel it]

i need to write or im going to have an episode again


[007] 12/18/2020 1:07 PM

[get good]

i need to work harder! i honestyl dont feel like i compare to anyone i see around online, it just seems like theyre all so much more talented than me. but i need to remember that they probably just were more persistent about practice and a tad more disciplined than i am. i should make a schedule and figure out some more ways to incorporate study into my daily lifestyle. rn its kinda filled with trying to appease my landlords basically by switching around the basement and the room upstairs to fit their needs and also mine but hey i just need something to do. keeping a physical journal hasnt been the most fruitful thing for me. i use it for a few days and then i wont pick it up for a really long while, months maybe, that is if i dont absolutely forget. anyway, wish me luck ! ♡


[006] 12/16/2020 12:17 PM

[darn bungers]

so i already started recoding my about page, but i feel a lot better about this because it means i am actually learning.... which is a good thing. but omfg my body hurts a lot i havent really slept but i kind of justy dont want to anyway, i have things that i can work on and i know once i start something i probably ownt pivck it back up for a while whichis fucking dum`q

so my cat decided my lap was not an opytimal spot for laying when i amm typing, that is only slightly upsetting ... i need a neck pillow or something to help cuz my bones r hurtign *crack crack ckckrack*


[005] 12/16/2020 9:15 AM

[my back hurts]

i do not remember when i woke up ... yesterday? i dont know, the chair im sitting on is murdering me i wish i had super regenerative powers wouldnt that be fcking sometihing huh ANYWAY i just finished styling this page i might release it soon i just should tweak some small stuff first and then its ready to go yeah mf yeah mf i finally did something..... ncxmncdksjfkmcx

#txt #yes i added tags, soon there will hopefully be a system #but for now they are here because i am a stupid dumbn tumblr person

[004] 12/16/2020 6:35 AM

[this reminds me of deviantart journals]

i feel like this page is coming along nicely. now all i really have to worry about is decoration and navigation, other than that its fully functional and flows nicely in my opinion. i think it kinda looks nice in white, but it wont stay like this. im excited to have learned even more about coding today, its one of the only things that really still interests me, maybe because of this very reason, being able to actually document my processings multiple times through the day if need be. but if you are a visitor or a follower of my site, dont worry, i wont be updating my site every 5 minutes. ill try to keep updates to 1 a day at most especially when it comes to journal entries.

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[003] 12/16/2020 6:05 AM

[gotta fix the title system]

i am just writing entries at this point to fill up the box and test my code. 6920616 d206e6f 74206c6f6f6b69 6e6720666f7277617264 20746f2074686520706f73736 6176696e6 720746f206c6561 76652074686520686f757365 207768696c65206920616d20627 57379206d616b696e6720746869732 e206920616c736f206a75737420776f 756c642072617 4686572206c6 574207468656d20 676f2070617920666f 722074686520636172 20616e797761792c20 6920646f6e742072656 16c6c79206576657220 77616e7420746 f20646f20616 e79746869 6e672061 6e797761 79


[002] 12/16/2020 5:59 AM

[bugsnax game of the year]

bugsnax ost has saved the last shred of serotonin that i had in my entire brain

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[001] 12/16/2020 5:55 AM

[its lonely in here]